Saturday, March 31, 2007


I didn't know that i will start my first post that soon....and i have no specific affiliation that pushes me to write in English...

but just to check my moves in this vast and varied world of blogging, allow me to settle in first before i can see what to do next.

as i said before i have no intentions to share diaries...and actually i don't believe they should be spread in public...but thoughts and ideas are definitely meant to be spread for public other wise they are never to be corrected or modified...i believe in corrections and modifications, the only reason we know how to talk is to know how to improve and evolve, i believe that two brains are better than one and three and better than two..etc.

its important to learn how to lestin before we can learn how to talk.

I wish that on this blog I can learn with others how to talk and later on consequently learn how to think..


أحمد عبد الفتاح said...

أهلا بيك في الفضاء التدويني
مرحبا بك في عالم الخيال المرتبط بالواقع
اتمني ان تكون مدونتك خطوه للامام
وعلي فكره مش مهم هتبتدي بايه ... المهم هتبتدي ليه

sokoothansawat said...

اعتقدا ان انا عارفة انا هبتدي ليه...لكن الحقيقة مش عارفة هنتهي بإيه..عموما اشكرك للمرور على المدونة

Anonymous said...

الى اجمل وردة فى بستان الحياة
كل عام وانتى بخير